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Monday, October 09, 2006

Is Wanting to Strangle The Christian Right a Sin?


I'm not screaming about whether or not Christian Right-ers want to blame the House leadership in addition to Mark Foley. I'm fine with anyone who wants to see "where the investigation" leads, though I think they're going to be disappointed.

What makes me stark. raving. nuts. about this article is the fact that -- failures, disappointments, and the blatant cynicism of this administration aside -- these people are *still* going to vote for the Republicans. The people in this article are going to get out of their chairs, go to the polls, and vote for "The Values Party." Gah!

Aside from the fact that Congress and the White House have played politics with the values issues, but done little else, there's the whole thing where our President and Vice President and their minions have started an unnecessary war, failed to follow-through on the "justified" one, killed many of our soldiers, killed thousands of innocent civilians, have authorized torture, and generally spat on the Constitution - which, if I've heard the Christian Right correctly (this being a "Christian nation"), should be considered sacrosanct.

I have a dear friend visiting me next week and I am going to have to completely avoid about 20 subjects because I have lost all ability to talk rationally with anyone who calls him- or herself a Christian and yet supports the actions of the current Republican Party.

:::goes outside for a primal scream session:::