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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beyond Unacceptable

  • It's the lead diary at Kos right now, and no wonder: Camp Pendleton families accepting donations of food. It's true, and it's not an isolated case. Follow the link. This should be a national story.

  • To everyone's relief, Riverbend posted again, and she makes the most important point about the Lancet study of Iraqi deaths: what does it matter if 600,000 is twice the actual number -- how is 300,000 deaths acceptable?

  • David Kuo, interviewed on Fresh Air yesterday, said that Chuck Colson -- back in the Nixon days -- observed that Evangelican Christians were the easiest group for the White House to influence/manipulate, and that he had decided that this was because they were the most succeptible to the lure of power.
    It's not true of everyone, but it is true some of the time. Once again, evidence that some folks are not reading their *New* Testament.