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Sunday, October 01, 2006

I think I was waiting for the country to hit bottom

I only blog for myself, and even so, I got so discouraged this summer that I had to stop. I was also in the midst of three huge projects and a cross-country move to a new job...but the lack of desire to blog was due to feeling beaten down. Beaten down by the relentless lies of this administration and their continuing to escape responsibility. Beaten down by DC Democrats who showed no spine and no imagination.

I think I was waiting for us all to hit bottom. And wow, did we ever. I crawled into bed for a day lest I meet anyone who did not find this as horrifying as I did -- and start screaming at them.

But this week, I'm beginning to wonder if maybe, just maybe, that really was the nadir. Maybe, just maybe, we're on the way out of this morass. Even if leadership changes completely in Congress next month, we're still in a multitude of messes created by Bushco, but maybe someone in DC can start making some right, righteous, good decisions. It's been a very long time.